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What Is Integrated Digital Marketing?

Many digital marketing services for small businesses work independently from one another. The content on the website often remains static, whilst social media, email and other communication channels push out content that is uncoordinated with one another. This can cause confusion and look highly unprofessional.

What integrated digital marketing does is bring all the different services together to deliver consistent and focused messages across all communication platforms. This means users who are subscribed to email receive the same content at the same time as those accessing the website or following on social media.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

At 3B Website Design, we do offer a number of extras to add to your web design package and  complement your website (Appointment Booking App, Web Optimizer Tool, Web Chat software, etc…) However, if you need additional and affordable digital marketing services then our sister company Three Billboards can help.

Three Billboards uses integrated digital marketing services to help small businesses coordinate consistent messages across all their communication channels.


SEO Service

Increase your page ranking through organic searching.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Let potential customers find your business by raising your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position for specific keywords and phrases on Google.

Invest in driving more quality leads to your website and outrank your competition.

Content Marketing

Create interesting and relevant content to attract and engage your target audience, and to convince them why your product and services will satisfy their needs.

Build trust and loyalty around your brand and generate ambassadors to share your content and message.

Content Marketing

Build trust and increase brand awareness.

SEM Service

Develop targeted Ad campaigns.


Increase web traffic and leads through targeted paid advertising on search engines, and create dedicated landing pages for specific marketing campaigns to attract prospects.

You only pay after someone clicks through to your website via the online ad.


Amplify your brand and its values through social media networks and create an inbound channel to generate new leads and increase sales.

Build a community of brand advocates to create trust and increase online engagement.


Amplify your brand and its values.


Make your brand more personable.


Attract and influence your target audience through high-end informative business videos that promote your products and services and add personality to your brand.

Use creative visuals to communicate your message where text alone fails.


Increase your purchasing attractiveness; and show why the quality is far superior to that of your competitors.

Drive demand and increase sales.


Target specific audiences with product-focused campaigns.


Build a community around your brand.


Convert prospects into new customers and existing ones into brand advocates through an email strategy that complements your social media activity.

Create different contact lists to target specific audiences with tailored content.


Can Digital Marketing services be added after the launch of the website?


Our priority is to create your online presence fast so as a small business you can start generating leads and creating a sales pipeline. You can add any digital marketing services at any time that works for you.

Can Three Billboards also do my website design?


Website design is one of the many affordable digital marketing services they offer.

Can you design the website and Three Billboards manage my digital marketing?


We work very closely with our sister company Three Billboards to coordinate all digital marketing services.

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