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Web Design Process

There are 6 stages of web development.

Let’s Begin

A Web Design Process that delivers

Our web design process will take you through each of the steps to ensure we build a website to your exact requirements. From writing content to choosing a style to creating that great user experience, it’s important that the website build delivers on all levels that will impress your clients and customers.

We first talk about how we can help you.

1. Talk

A website is more than just a tool to point people to. It’s an extension of your brand and it’s how people will perceive you based on the look and how it reads.

This is why we start the web design process with a conversation. It’s an opportunity for us to get to know your business and understand more about you and your brand. It’s also an opportunity for us to identify the best web design package to generate the results you are looking for.

We will then send you an offer for you to sign and return.

Once we receive the signed offer back we will send you a form to complete. This form contains questions about your business and information you would like to be placed on your website.

We ask for 50% of the cost upfront, and the rest on completion once you are completely satisfied.


2. Requirements

The web design process form you complete will contain information about your business:

  • the type of business/industry you are in
  • key competitors
  • who’s your target audience
  • information you want to be included
  • website style preference

We will use this information to go through the various stages of web development to build the perfect website for you.

The competitor information is very useful. It helps us to understand how other brands are targeting your audience and enables us to research how they are using SEO to generate organic leads.

We gather info about your business.

We build a basic wireframe layout.

3. Design

Next, we will build a wireframe of your website. A wireframe is the basic framework of your website but without the actual content or style included. It provides you with an idea of how we propose to structure your website.

There is no limit on the number of revisions at this stage as this is the core of your website and it’s important you are completely happy with the structure before the actual build begins.

4. Build

Of all the stages of web development, this is the most exciting. Turning the design into a beautiful and creative website.

Now the design is signed off, we will ask for you to supply all content (images, text etc…) that you want to be included based on your wireframe design.

All our web design packages include responsive design as standard. This means we will design each and every page to fit any device – desktop, tablet, mobile and even iPad Pro. This ensures the user gets the best experience possible.

If you have chosen either the Brand Awareness or Pro design packages, we will show you how to create and publish articles. Both these packages also come with the Rank Math license, and we will provide you with information on how to use this great plugin to optimise new articles for SEO.

We begin building your website.

We make your website live.

5. Launch

It’s the big day.

We will run a series of tests to ensure everything looks good before we push it live. This includes testing all submission forms, device responsiveness with our simulator, navigation, links, etc… We will also run a GTMetrix report (the gold standard for speed testing) to identify any loading time issues.

Once live we will request a re-index of your website with Google. This will activate Google’s algorithm to crawl your website, ensuring your content is listed when people search for products and services like yours.

At this part of the web design process, we will ask you to do a final review to ensure you are 100% completely satisfied.

6. Support

The website is fully optimised at the time of going live. However, we need to monitor and review your website regularly to ensure it remains fully optimised. A slow website for example will impact your position in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

All updates to existing content are free of charge under our Fair Use Policy. New content requests will incur a cost and estimates will be provided.

We continuously monitor and update.

Do you have a web design project we can help you with?