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5 Reasons Why Chat Software is Essential for your Website

If you are wanting to provide the best customer service possible but keep costs to a minimum, then installing chat software is a must.

Yes, a few years ago, chat software was frowned upon. It was slow, badly set up and frustrating to use. However, technology has advanced really quickly in this area and the combination of a live chat for business with bots has become a valuable asset to any company advertising their business online. We highly recommend adding chat software to your web design package to connect and talk to your customers and below are five reasons why.

photo of a woman sitting on the carpet at home with a glass of wine smiling as she connects with customer services via the live chat for business software on her mobile.

Customer Convenience

As a support channel, most customers prefer online interaction to answer questions or resolve issues and find it less stressful than speaking on the phone to a stranger.

It also allows customers to interact with a support agent online whilst continuing to multitask.

Increased Response Times

With the average customer response time for email being over 10 hours, it is not surprising that customers prefer the practicality of real-time interaction.

Quick response to customer requests reduces the risk of them visiting your competitors.

woman very happy pointing at her mobile as she receives a quick response from customer services via the chat software.
photo of a business man sat at his desk looking at a chat showing the recent increase of sales.

Drives sales as well as service

Whilst chat software is predominantly thought of as a support channel if the customer has a positive experience it can also be used as an effective sales tool too.

More efficient first-contact resolution frees up time for upselling.

Builds trust in your brand

Providing different support channels gives customers more choices and makes them feel that you are more responsive and available to their needs.

A customer who has a positive support experience could be a great brand advocate.

open notepad with the text "build trust in your brand".
photo of a woman shop owner in the background and her laptop in the foreground with the live chat for business chatbots answering questions as she works.

24/7 Customer Support with AI Chatbots

Most businesses cannot afford to have customer service agents manage their phones 24/7.

Live chat for business software with AI chatbots can be used around the clock to provide the first line of support to engage with customers and direct them automatically to the information they want.

We use Tidio Chat Software

Why Tidio?

Any live chat for business tool needs to be reliable and easy to use. We have tried many different pieces of chat software and Tidio was our favourite by far. In fact, it is so good we use it ourselves!

  • Simple to install
  • Lots of features
  • Integrates with WordPress and many industry-leading websites and platforms
  • Contains visitor tracking and analysis
  • Shows who is currently on the website
  • Supports automated messages
  • Includes superior AI chatbots to support and navigate visitors

Tidio Chat Software Plans

Adding a live chat for business is an extra service we offer and can only be included after purchasing one of our web design packages.



Installation on website

Theme customisation

Welcome message

Live chat (50 per month)

3 Operators

Visitors info

Desktop + mobile apps

Email support


£15/ mo

(Billed per operator)

Basic +

Live chat (unlimited)

Up to 5 operators

Team departments


Live typing

Viewed pages

Live visitors list

24/5 Live chat support


£35/ mo

Basic +

Chatbots (up to 40,000 conversations)

35+ Chatbot templates

Customisation of Chatbot templates, or creation of new chatbots, will be charged separately based on requirements.

All prices exclude VAT.


Can I buy just the Web Chat?

I’m afraid not.

Our Web Chat option is an extra feature you can include when you purchase one of our web design packages.

Is Tidio the only web chat you use?


We want to ensure our clients only have access to the best and proven tools on the market and Tidio meets that criteria. With over 300,000 installations and thousands of positive reviews, Tidio is an elite web chat solution for which we have had great success for our clients.

Do I have to add a Web Chat at the time of purchasing a Web Design Package?


As long as you have purchased a Web Design package from us at some stage, we can talk to you about selecting and installing the right Web Chat plan at any time.

Do I need training on how to use the Web Chat?

Tidio is very simple to use, which is one of the reasons why we choose to use it for our clients. We will do the installation and setups for you and share with you their training information so you can hit the ground running.

Is there a mobile version of the Web Chat?

Yes, as well as a desktop and web version too. Information will be shared on how to install and use mobile and desktop versions.

Data from all devices will automatically synchronise in real-time.

Is there an additional support cost?

No. Support is already included in our yearly web support & maintenance fee when you purchase a web design package from us.

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