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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Online Booking System

As a consultant or small business owner, time is not something you can afford to waste. Constantly having to take calls to schedule appointments can be a real distraction from your normal day-to-day work. So, if your business relies on people scheduling appointments, moving that process to an online booking system for small business app is going to be hugely advantageous for you and your customers and clients.

However, it is important the scheduling process is kept simple and easily accessible from the point of entry – your website.

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Saves Time, Administration & Resources

Having customers and clients use an appointment booking app frees up resources to do other things, gives you time to focus on growing your business and reduces your paperwork.

Reduces Mistakes

Having the customer or client enter their own contact details via an appointment booking system eliminates any communication errors when writing down phone numbers and email addresses which can lead to them becoming unreachable.

This means fewer missed appointments.

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Increases Attendance

An online booking system for small business app can reduce no-shows by automatically sending out reminders and integrating with your clients’ online calendars so they don’t forget the booking.

Always Available

Taking calls to discuss and book appointments mean customers and clients have to work around your business hours and meetings. An appointment booking app gives them the flexibility to do it around their time.

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Increases Customer Satisfaction

Making your services more easily accessible to the customer or client reduces the risk of them going to your competitors. Allowing them to see available appointments online and book slots will result in a positive experience and keep them coming back.

Which Online Booking System?

Simply Schedule Appointments App

We use Simply Schedule Appointments (SSA) as it is the perfect tool for consultants and small businesses. It eliminates the administrative work of setting and communicating meetings with customers or clients.

  • Intuitive and accessible interface
  • Built for security and data privacy
  • One-on-one, group and team scheduling
  • Synchronises with Google calendar
  • Allow transactions via PayPal or Stripe


Adding appointment scheduling is an extra service we offer and can only be included after purchasing one of our web design packages.



Installation on website

Unlimited appointment types
Blackout dates
Advanced Scheduling Options

Reschedule appointments

Cancel appointments

Save to Google Calendar

Email notifications

Updates and support


£99/ year

Basic +

Google calendar sync
Schedule web meetings

Google Meet & Zoom integration

Reminder notifications
Follow-up notifications
Class & Group events


£199/ year

Plus +

Live SSA support via Zoom

Accept appointment payments

Send SMS notifications
Track goals and conversions
Unlimited webhooks

All prices exclude VAT.


Can I just buy the Online Booking System for Small Business app?

Of course. You can talk to SSA directly.

However, to purchase it from us and have it integrated into your website, you need to purchase one of our web design packages.

Is it possible to prevent double bookings?


During the booking process, the plugin checks the availability multiple times along the way. If a slot is no longer available the customer or client is taken back to the list of available slots.

Can a booked appointment be cancelled?


The customer or client can cancel the appointment directly from the website or via their Google calendar.

Does SSA send out notifications?


By default, Simply Schedule Appointments creates and sends email notifications to the admin and customer when an appointment is booked or cancelled. You can also add mobile text message notifications too with the Professional Plan.

What calendar types does it work with?

The primary calendar integration is with Google Calendar.

Integration with other calendar types is possible on request.

Can my customers pay whilst booking appointments?


Simply Schedule Appointments supports both Paypal and Stripe merchant payment solutions.

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