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5 Reasons Why You Should Continuously Look To Improve Website Performance

People have busy lives and they don’t have time to wait. That’s particularly true when it comes to websites. If you want to sell to them your products and services online, then you must provide a positive user experience which is usually defined as giving the visitors what they want and giving it to them fast!

Here are a few other good reasons.

photo of an Asian man in a blue buttoned shirt with his hand out looking to give a first good impression.

Making a Good First Impression.

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression and if 4 of those seconds are spent waiting for your website to load that first impression is unlikely to be positive.

Increase website speed and performance to ensure web visitors have a great user experience.

Professional & Reliable.

Unsafe and untrustworthy are two words often associated with slow-loading websites, whereas professional and reliable are associated with websites with speed.

Improve website performance to increase the possibility of selling your product or service to a stranger online.

photo of a woman climber hanging upside in a cave opening as part of her training to get better. This represents the symbolism of why continuous website improvement is crucial for a better user experience.
snail moving slowly over pavement with "loading..." text in white lettering signifying the importance to continuously increase website speed and improve website performance.

People are used to speed.

With such incredibly fast internet download and upload speeds these days, people are used to getting access to information instantly, and therefore expect it from a website.

Increase website speed and stop people bouncing off your website and onto your competitors.

Builds trust in your brand.

As mentioned earlier, first impressions are important and will last. A fast-loading website oozes trust not only in your website but also in your brand.

This can produce brand advocates that speak positively about your business and generate new leads.

open notepad with the text "build trust in your brand".
man on a mobile looking at analysis to see if the website improvement he has done has been sufficient to increase website speed.

Google Google Google.

A slow-loading website will affect your Google SEO ranking.

Google has already stated that one of its key goals is to make the internet faster and website speed is a critical factor in its algorithm. SEO is important for your online success and with Google owning over 91.9% of all searches you need to be adhering to Google’s guidelines.

We Use WP Rocket for Website Improvement

Why WP Rocket?

The simple answer is ….it works! And with over 2.6M websites already using it (including us), others seem to agree.

  • Fast loading pages
  • Boosts your SEO ranking and increases web traffic
  • Better user experience
  • Improves Google PageSpeed Insights score
  • Optimises your core web vitals

And now the techie bit….

On top of its default features that will make your site faster in a blink (page caching, browser caching, or GZIP compression), WP Rocket offers a set of advanced options to boost your performance even more, including delayed JavaScript execution, remove unused CSS, minification and LazyLoad.

Website Improvement Plan

This is an extra service we offer and can only be included after purchasing one of our web design packages.

IMPORTANT: This plan is already included in the PRO Web Design Package price.


£99/ year

1 website


Purchasing of the license, installation, setup and configuration, support and maintenance.

Price excludes VAT.


Why is the price higher than the WP Rocket site?

You can buy a single license from WP Rocket at $49 but it still needs to be installed and configured specifically for your website. WP Rocket highlights that 80% of the configuration is set up out of the box. However, it is the last 20% that is crucial in getting your speed from ok to fast.

WP Rocket will also need to be run to cache your pages every time updates are made to your website. We take care of this for you.

What is considered a slow speed?

Generally, it is recognised in the digital marketing community that anything over 2 seconds for a page load is considered slow.

Your web design company should be continuously checking and looking at how to improve website performance.

How do you measure the speed of the website?

We use the industry standard website improvement analyser tool GTmetrix.

This speed analysing tool will measure the speed and provide a report on the errors and how to fix them.

Do you guarantee a speed?

Yes. For desktops, we guarantee a minimum of a Grade B rating per the GTmetrix analysis tool but most of our clients achieve Grade A.

What can cause a website to be slow?

There are many things that can cause a website to run slow. Image file sizes are often one of the main culprits, embedded videos, scripts running in the background, complex CSS etc…

With WP Rocket we optimise all aspects of your website to ensure it runs efficiently and fast.

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